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Challenge: Climate change

The term climate change describes one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Alternative energy supply systems, sustainability and resource efficiency are constantly moving further into the focus of actors in politics, business, science and technology. The overarching goal is to reduce emissions that are harmful to the climate. In the future, a complete transformation of the entire energy sector is on the horizon. The innovations extend across the sectors of extraction, conversion, distribution and storage of the energy to be provided on the required scale.

Shortage: Large-scale energy storage

Against this background, the sector of large-scale energy storage, in particular, represents a major challenge for the targeted developments, since, for example, the demand for electrical power is never in equilibrium with its generation from renewable energy sources. There is still a lack of appropriate storage options and storage capacities to buffer fluctuating light intensities and wind speeds in such a way that there is never an undersupply or oversupply of electricity.

Solution: Water electrolysis

An innovative, efficient and climate-friendly solution is the use of regeneratively produced hydrogen by means of water electrolysis. The surplus electricity generated in wind and solar parks can be used to split water into its components hydrogen and oxygen in the course of electrolysis. The gaseously produced hydrogen can then be stored, distributed and thus made available for corresponding applications and customers and, if necessary, converted back into electricity.


PEM electrolysis in particular is a technology to be favored in this respect, as it proves to be very flexible with regard to fluctuating connected loads from renewable sources, as well as robust with regard to high power densities. In this case, hydrogen production is based on highly efficient PEM electrolysis systems, which include the necessary system technology. Hydrogen Innovation GmbH produces corresponding PEM electrolysis stacks, which form the respective core pieces of such systems.
Production of innovative, modular PEM electrolysis stacks for a wide range of applications with a current density of up to 2.2 A/cm2.
Production of high-performance CCMs using the patented screen printing process according to customer requirements up to a maximum active area of 500 x 500 mm.
We will be happy to support you in system design and planning of the comprehensive system peripherals with our 20 years of know-how in the field of PEM electrolysis.
If you have any questions about the technology and our products, we are at your side with our expertise and offer you comprehensive support even after delivery.